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Rates per Participant
1 Day
2 Days
3 Days
4 Days
5 Days


Limits of Coverage: Coverage Details 

General Aggregate Limit (Per Location)
Products – Completed Operations (Aggregate)
Personal and Advertising Injury
Each Occurrence Limit
Damage to Premises Rented to You
Medical Expense (Premises)
Sexual Abuse & Molestation Occurrence
Sexual Abuse & Molestation Aggregate
Legal liability to Participants – conditions available upon request
Crisis Response – Each Crisis Event / Aggregate

Step 1:

  • Be a current member of the NHSCA. (If you submit an insurance request and are not a member, you will be automatically enrolled).

Step 2:

  • Click Here to request insurance coverage and receive a quote. 


  • Click Here to download a hard copy form and email back an attachment to! A credit card must be on file in order to process.

Step 3: You will receive an invoice for the insurance minimum of $275.00

Step 4: Your certificate of insurance will be emailed on the minimum payment is received.

Step 5: Once your event begins, you will submit your participant list by email and be charged the remaining balance accordingly.

**Be sure to submit insurance request at least 2 business days prior to the start of your camp, clinic, or tournament to ensure coverage**


An “OCCURRENCE” is the accident that produced the Bodily Injury or Property Damage to one or more claimants. The most the insurer will pay for a single “OCCURRENCE” is $1,000,000. An aggregate limit is the maximum dollar amount your insurer will pay to settle your claims. Often the limit is referred to as an annual aggregate limit, which is just the total amount your insurer will pay in a single Policy Period. EXAMPLE: If there is a GENERAL AGGREGATE limit of $2,000,000 and there were THREE $1,000,000 Separate OCCURRENCES, the maximum payout would be $2,000,000. This would also exhaust the Policy Limit. However, with the GENERAL AGGREGATE Limit as $3M per location aggregate limit the same payout would be $3,000,000 and the policy limit would NOT be exhausted. This is an added benefit for being a member of the National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA). 

Often referred to as CGL, Commercial General Liability this policy provides broad protection for situations in which a business (i.e. your special event) must defend itself against lawsuits or pay damages for personal injury or property damage to third parties.  This policy also gives protection to the venue and or sponsors of the event by adding them to the policy as an additional insured. Examples such as a slip and fall or damaged floors are covered by such a policy. 

An additional insured is an entity which has an insurable interest for claims arising out of your negligence as the named insured. Such possible entities are a landlord or sponsor. By providing an entity additional insured status they now are entitled to defense and indemnity (if policy limits have not been exhausted) under your policy with no responsibility for premium payments. You can add an entity as an additional insured under the certificate request section of the enrollment form. Please remember to provide their complete name, address and relationship to you. All requests must be in writing.

No, at this time, this coverage is not available through the camp, clinic and tournament insurance polices.

Participant Legal Liability (PLL) is coverage for when the participant claims the sponsor to be at fault (negligent) for an injury. Other programs DO not offer coverage for this Liability.

Coverage can be bound once we receive a completed enrollment form and the appropriate premium. The effective date of coverage can either be the first day of set-up or the first day of your event. If your tournament or event has already begun, coverage will be bound and become effective the following day. We request your submit your application at least 2 business days prior to the start of your event for processing and issuing your certificates. 

You will receive a certificate of insurance as proof of coverage via email once your request is processed. Coverage is offered exclusively through the National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA). The NHSCA receives a master policy from the insurance company. Submission of this enrollment form confirms your desire to receive coverage through the NHSCA. Each member receives their own certificate of insurance as their evidence of coverage. The limits of insurance apply individually to each enrolled member–there are no shared limits of liability with any other members. If you would like to receive a copy of the NHSCA’s policy in full, please send a written request to NHSCA, 1 South 3rd Street, Suite 201, Easton, PA 18042

A participant means any person who is instructing, supervising, training or practicing for, participating in or otherwise involved in any athletic activity, physical exercise, or games, sports, athletic contest, or exhibition that you operate or sponsor.

Premium is based on the actual number of participants enrolled at the Camp/Clinic/Tournament. Multiply the number of Participants times the Rate for the Number of days and that is your premium for the event.

i.e: 72 Participants for a 2 day event. 72 X (the 2 day rate of $4.00) = $288.00

Yes, the minimum fee is $275.00 as of Sept 1, 2022.

The typically processing time is 24-48 hours after submission of your form. At this time, same day certificates are not available. All forms must be sent 2 business days prior to ensure the coverage of their upcoming event (camp, clinic, or tournament).

The certificate holder is the entity who’s needing the certificate of insurance to show proof of insurance, not you as the coach or your camp. 

Typically, the additional insured is the venue, Board of Education, the School District, etc. An additional insured is not you or an additional coach.  Be sure to check with whomever you are turning your certificate into the requirements they have in place. 

We accept credit or debit cards with the following: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express.  You can also be invoiced upon request. There is a 30 day window to mail a check or money order.  If payment is not received in full during this time frame, your credit card on file will be charged in full.

We understand that emergencies occur. For these reasons, if your request to cancel is provided in writing (via email to 48 hours prior to the start of the covered event, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.  If you do not alert the NHSCA of a cancellation in the time frame, you will be subject to the $275.00 minimum fee. 

No, it does not. Medical Expense (premises) is a coverage incurred by a third party for an injury sustained in an accident that arises from your business activities. This policy is strictly general liability insurance.